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📙 What if this could be easy?


Here's a powerful way to get things done by putting in less effort...

What if this could be easy?

In his book Effortless Greg McKeown writes:

When we feel overwhelmed, it may not be because the situation is inherently overwhelming. It may be because we are overcomplicating something in our own heads. Asking the question “What if this could be easy?” is a way to reset our thinking. It may seem almost impossibly simple. And that’s exactly why it works.

He gives the following example of how it works in practice:

(...) the other day I was tidying up my office. As I scanned the room I saw an old printer we had recently replaced. It had been sitting on my office floor for a couple of weeks, taking up space. It bothered me every time I saw it there. Still, every time I looked at it I thought of all the steps required to deal with it: deciding whether to keep or discard it, checking the costs of replacing the color ink, potentially finding a place to give it away. Every time, the work involved was enough for a voice in my head to whisper, “Too much trouble!” so I quickly resigned myself to it staying on the floor.
However, this time I asked, “What if this could be easy?” What if all those steps I’d assumed this task entailed were not in fact required steps at all? I then looked up from my desk and happened to see one of the building workers through the window of my office. I walked outside and asked if he wanted the printer for free. He said yes, and took it. The problem was solved within two minutes of asking the question.

The same applies to self-discipline. There's nothing wrong with figuring out the easiest way to reach your goals.

What if fitness could be easy through a simple yoga routine you can do in your living room? (I love no-nonsense Man Flow Yoga workouts)

What if cooking healthy meals could be easy? Instead of elaborate recipes and a long grocery list, consider simpler options with basic ingredients or quick and nutritious one-pan recipes. I like looking for 5-ingredient recipes, like for example this list here.

What if achieving productivity could be easy? Rather than overwhelming yourself with an extensive to-do list, prioritize your One Thing.

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