📙Self-discipline starts with...

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📙 Self-discipline starts with...


There are hundreds, if not thousands of things that affect your level of self-discipline. But there's one thing that every person needs to start with to dramatically increase chances of success. And that thing is...

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The one thing you absolutely need to display self-confidence is clarity.

Take John and Kate.

John wants to start daily walks because he's heard it would be good for his health. But he isn't particularly clear about his reason why. He figures, "Well, it's good for me so let's do it. After all, it's just 30 minutes a day. The rest of the time I can still relax at home and watch TV."

Kate is about to start learning French. She needs to learn the language because her company has a branch in southern France and she's always dreamed of a little adventure on the French Riviera. Her boss recently approved her relocation and she leaves for France in six months. And not only that. She also absolutely loves listening to Françoise Hardy and wants to understand the lyrics in French. Then there's that little fun website that lists cheap properties in France... There was that cute little house that maybe she could purchase one day?

Who has more clarity regarding their goals? Who has a deeper reason why? Who clearly knows what they want their future to be like?

The clearer it is for you WHY you're pursuing a given goal, the easier it is to be disciplined.

Note that you don't necessarily need 100 reasons why. Your reason might as well be "I absolutely love doing that." But you still need to be very clear about it and about how it's going to make your life better.

Don't wing it like John. Unearth your motivations and clarify what kind of life you're after.

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